Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked question by the public.
GNEC operates in 4 (four) academic seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer. Fall starts in September, Winter in December, Spring in March and Summer in June. Although the week range is fixed, the starting date veries every year due to circumstances like first monday clashing with public holiday.
GNEC provides classes in 3 different shifts for the flexibility of the students. Morning shift is from 9:00 till 11:45, afternoon 15:00-17:50 and evening is delivered between 18:20-21:20.
Mainly courses are delivered in 3 (three) days with options of odd and even days. Each day there is delivery of 3 (three) hours. At the end of the course students accumulates the hearing of 108 hours.

However, English courses for the Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced levels are delivered in 4 (four) day. Schedule varies for every group. At the end of the course students accumulate the hearing of 144 hours.

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