GNEC admits students in four seasons throughout the academic year. Classes are offered in three different shifts; morning, afternoon, and evening.
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For registration of candidates younger than 16 (sixteen):
  1. Birth certificate and copy
  2. Either one of the parents should accompany with his/her identification document
  3. Signed contract (by parents)
  4. Level test (if excemption requested)
  5. Tuition fee (cash or transfer)

For applicants older than 16 (sixteen):
  1. Passport and copy
  2. Signed contract
  3. Level test (if excemption requested)
  4. Tuition fee (cash or transfer)
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Academic Seasons
Course Enrollments are possible in 4 (four) different seasons throughout the year:
   September – October – November
   December – January – February
   March – April – May
   June – July – August
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Class Shifts
Classes are delivered in 3 (three) different shifts:
  09:00 – 11:45;    09:00 – 12:15;
  15:00 – 17:50;    14:30 – 18:00;
  18:30 – 21:20;    18:20 – 21:25;
  13:15 – 15:15;    13:15 – 15:15;
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Level Test
Obtaining a minimum score of 50% from the required tests and exams is a prerequisite to move on to the next level. Candidates willing to proceed to higher levels without attending pre-requisite courses are required to complete a proficiency exam. If the proficiency exam score is more than 60% then the candidate is allowed to enroll in that relevant course.
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Testing System & Attendance

Candidates who fulfill all the necessary requirements will get certificates. The lowest passing score is 50%. Truancy should not be more than 2 weeks throughout the season. Students with serious medical conditions can request special arrangements. Planned absences should be reported in writing and in person in order to be exempt from classes.

Testing at GNEC courses includes 4 (four) Midterms and 1 (one) Final exam. Some courses are exceptional. Candidate is allowed to take Final Exam if and only if the average of midterms is over %50. Candidates will be given certificate if and only if the Final Exam score is above %50.

Midterms may include different combinations of skills such as writing, speaking, listening, and reading for languages and theoretical and practical applications for math and computer courses. Examinations are run in paper based and practice/application formats.

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