Extracurricular Activities
Gujurly Nesil Education Center provides nurturing environment where students can spend quality time and express their creativity. Number of extracurricular activities take place frequently to motivate the youth to sports and arts.
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GN Cup
Sport and Healthcare club organizes a futsal tournament in spring and fall seasons, namely GN CUP. Over 60 (sixty) teams join the competition every season. Winners are awarded at special ceremony.
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Bookworm Activities
To establish habitual and consistent reading, GNEC frequently organizes Golden Bookmark Readers’ Competition. Selected list of books in 4 (four) different languages are announced where contestants may choose the most suitable language to participate in the competition. Winners are determined by general testing.
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Singing Competition
Students talented at singing are encouraged by stage performed competitions. Winners are awarded with valuable prizes.
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English Week
English Week is organized every season where main target is to improve language skills of students through games, competitions, puzzles, and concerts. English Week gives a chance for students to express themselves freely and earn self-confidence while speaking a foreign language.
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Mathematics Week
At Math Week, students get a chance to explore the amazing world of Mathematics. Students decorate the premises, run an exhibition, play board games, chess, checkers, popup quizzes, and etc. Fun aspect of mathematics is provided to students to help them overcome fear of numbers.
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Technology Week
This event is filled with amazing exhibition items: new generation video games devices, culinary products representing computer devices or brands, and Modelling competitions. There are number of competition involving computer graphical skills.
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Honoring the Heritage
Social events are organized in order to promote values such as art, culture, literature, and folklore. Costume contests, musical programs, poem reciting, poetry, drawing contests, and field trips are only some of the events that are held within the framework of the week. Students also commemorate poets, writers, musicians and artists that have contributed to the expansion of literature, art and culture.
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Field Trip
GNEC students frequently visit historical sites, museums, and sightseeing areas in order to expand their knowledge of history and geography along with having quality time. Qualified tourism companies are hired for transportation and guidance for travelling to those historical sites.
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Several student clubs function at GNEC. By joining club activities students spend their free time productively and get a chance to discover their potential interpersonal skills and abilities.

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